Hold Firm

One last therapy session today, before the holidays.  My therapist has two little ones, and deserves every minute she can spend with them.  Not surprisingly, we talked about my "little" ones and how Christmases are changing as their lives do.

I told her that in 2015, I'm going to try and grab hold of myself.  Get back to my basic, intrinsic identity, work on being kind to and accepting of myself.  Hard, hard things as I turn 55.  One thing that will help is that I no longer have a monthly mortgage payment.  Yep, this house is mine.  Three years ahead of the mortgage company's schedule.

But, what to do with my hard-gotten gain?  I won't lie --- I'll be spending money on this regularly.  The taste of this fudge is beyond the ability of mere words to describe.  Far beyond.

Today's boots are a new-ish pair.  I really, really like the black cherry color and all the embroidery work.

This, of course, is pair #22.  I'm beginning to feel quite embarrassed.  I know there are still a lot to go. . .


  1. But they are the best pair of all. Good for you and your plans for 55. I'll be 55 too!
    Mortgage free..lady you are doing something right!!

  2. Congratulations on paying off your house! What a fantastic accomplishment...I'm looking forward to our home being paid off, too. Merry, merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, I cannot imagine life without a mortgage payment - congrats!

    I think you should be proud of your boot collection. You wear them, you enjoy them, you are not living in your car because you bought them. It's all good. :-)

  4. We have two mortgage payments (two houses, ouch). The embroidery on the boots reminds me of a full sleeve tattoo. (That's a good thing. btw).


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