At first glance, these probably look like ordinary, beautiful-chocolate-brown cowboy boots,
and, in large part, they are.  But what I was unable to capture with the camera is that the shafts of these are cushiony/padded/quilt-y-like.  I hadn't ever seen a pair like that before, and I haven't since.

Therapy today, then late lunch with Hannah at this tiny little place we've been aching to go to, but they have sort of weird hours.  It was excellent.  I had a smoked trout salad sandwich --- the bread alone was fabulous.

Then, she wanted to go "thrifting," so we drove to a Goodwill store and had ourselves a grand time.  I'd been looking all over for a plain white turtleneck, and, as soon as we got into the store, I found one in my size.

I also found this:
I buy a new Nativity scene each year, but hadn't found one to my liking yet this year.  I'm not quite sure why the animals have eyes and the Holy Family doesn't.  Whenever there is an animal other than a sheep or a cow or a donkey in a Nativity, it is our family custom to say, "Did you know there was a *name the animal* present at the birth of Jesus?"  
Because. . .


  1. Because... Love, Actually! There was a lobster present at the birth of Jesus?! Im always quoting "8 is a lot of legs, David"

  2. That is perhaps the best nativity set I have ever seen. I just have one, it is tiny, and very old, it was my mom's.


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