Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday prompt is "Ten Collections You've Had Over The Years."
1.  Kerosene lamps
2.  Life masks
3.  Lions
4.  Lions and lambs
5.  Yoda
6.  Fozzie Bear
7.  Nativity scenes
8.  Seashells
9.   Flattened pennies.
10.  Cowboy boots  (Everyone else seems to think of it as a collection.  Not me.)


  1. Hooray for Cowboy boots and Nativity Scenes!!!!! I collect hearts and cats......the live ones

  2. My son (and therefore me, too) has been collecting flattened pennies since his first trip to the zoo as a baby. I love that someone else has them, too.

  3. The collecting gene seems to have skipped me. Except for books. And yarn.

  4. 1. elephants
    2. mermaids
    3. sea shells
    4. coral
    5. letters and cards
    6. madame alexander dolls (courtesy of my father)
    7. russian lacquer boxes (thanks again to dad)
    8. sealing wax stamps
    9. high heels for a life I do not live
    10. an unending supply of hotel soaps :)


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