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Does This Sound Funny To You?

I want to take a flight to a city I'd otherwise never visit, spend a few hours in the airport there (or somewhere within walking distance), then fly back the same night.  The mini-est of adventures.

Sound weird?

Anyone know which cities have cool-to-spend-time-in airports?

If I ever get my knitting salon open, I want there to be baskets of odds-and-ends yarns containing projects that visitors can come in and work on.  A scarf that folks could add to until it got long enough to donate to a charity, or auction off for a charity.  Sleeping pads for shelter animals.  Log cabin patterened blankets.

Since I don't have the salon yet, do you think that could be done through the mail?  Start, say, a Traveling Scarf, that's sent along a volunteer route until completion.  Except that people who would get the project late in the route would have to pay more postage than people at the beginning.  I could ask for people to knit blocks, or strips, or triangles to send to me, and I would put things together and deliver it wherever we want.

Could that work?

Is this one of the most ingenious things you've ever seen?  A felted tea cosy.  Remarkable.


  1. Seattle's airport is pretty cool, if you want to come all the way cross-country.

  2. My dentist used to have such a project in his waiting room. It was white cotton yarn, biggish needles, and about 6" wide. The instructions said it was to be bandages that would be donated to a clinic somewhere in the undeveloped world, I don't remember where.

  3. Making Plans of any kind seems to me to be a healthy good sign! I love the elephant!
    Id think the traveling scarf would be fun!

  4. Count me in if you decide to do the travelling scarf!

  5. I'd love to help! Would we all use our own yarn or would the skein travel too? Exciting project! As for airports, washington national is boring but you can leave it easily by metro and see a TON quickly.

  6. Minneapolis has a pretty cool airport, too. And Charlotte, not much to do there, but as I recall they have rocking chairs in front of windows so you can sit and knit.


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