Just because Halloween isn't a big deal here doesn't mean I can't appreciate good decorating:
(Thanks to kmkat for the link.)

The thing that the Halloween season does bring is the time change.  When the weather turns cool, and it gets dark early, I am soothed.  There is, honestly, a physical sensation of calm and contentment.  Autumn and Winter are the seasons in which I thrive.  Well, thrive as best a chronically depressed person can.

Speaking of physical states, Daughter is feeling much better, though the honking cough is still around.


  1. I agree. Fall and winter reactivate me, and the early dark seems cozy rather than dismaying.

    Glad Hannah is getting back on track!

  2. Time to recharge! I only wish I could truly hibernate for a while...

  3. I am OVERJOYED that you love fall/winter and it soothes you. I will take solace in this all winter. HOORAY. I like to hunker down at the beginning of winter. I like it all until March

  4. Me too! I love the cozy and quiet.

  5. As much as I dislike the dark, I love the chill. Layer up and snuggle, winter is coming!


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