Tasting and A Tuesday Ten

The yarn store in town is having a "yarn tasting" tonight --- customers are going to be allowed to "test drive" some new yarns, have some snacks, just visit.  I've made my reservation, and am looking forward to it.  As I've said before, it's an open and inviting place, and this sounds like it might be fun.

Son's birthday was yesterday.  He, Daughter and I spent some time goofing around here, then went out to dinner, than came back to continue the conversations and silliness, and have the traditional chocolate chip ice cream and cake cake.

Daughter had had pumpkin cheesecake at the restaurant, so was more of a spectator for this part of the evening.

This week's Ten on Tuesday intrigued me, so here you go:
The Ten Things I Would Save If My House Were On Fire
(Knowing that all people and pets are safe)

1.  My husband's ashes
2.  The casts of Abraham Lincoln's hands
3.  My father's red boots
4.  My mother's sewing box
5.  Box of family photos
6.  Select baby toys of my children's
7.  Select pieces of jewelry
8.  The bulletin board in my bedroom (pictures, memorabilia)
9.  Family Christmas stockings
10.  Dr. House's cane


  1. Well, first of all, god forbid you should have a fire. But if you have to grab all that, let's hope it's a slow burn!

  2. Yarn store goodness! how fun. Do give us the report. happy Happy to your son!


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