So. . .

. . . how is everyone?  Working on your swap packages?  Making weekend plans?

I completed the "Seasonal" part of my swap package last night, and, frankly, love it.  I'll be making a second one for myself.

Today, knitting-wise, I have started and ripped back and started and ripped back and started and ripped back and started a pair of eyelet handwarmers.  I could have had the first one done by now!

Tomorrow, Daughter is taking the first of a couple of tests to become a manger where she works.  The test is being given outside Atlanta, so it'll be early up and bundles of good wishes in the morning.

Son's birthday is Monday, so there will be some gift-wrapping and cake-picking-up this weekend.



  1. I cleaned the house this morning. And I didn't mind doing it. WEIRDNess.
    I am THINKING of my swap items.....still in the planning stage....
    so excited though.
    Got my steps in today albeit with the winter coat on..brrr
    and we have the first fire in the fireplace this season...
    and I'm knitting socks.


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