It would seem that Elizabeth II couldn't deal with us giving Dame Maggie Smith a title, so she had to give her one, too.  The Dame is now a member of the Order of Companions of Honour.

Really, Your Highness, must you be petty?

And look at our Maggie --- isn't she lovely?  And (as my mother would surely have pointed out) what magnificent posture.

Got Hannah to her test on time this morning.  She seemed good then, and when I talked to her a little while ago, she said she felt good about it.  It'll be a few days before the results come in.

I took lots of back roads returning to Athens;  just trying to enjoy the early-Saturday-morning lack of traffic, and the changing leaves.  Northeast Georgia is mostly pines, but every little while you'll come across some some trees with color.


  1. aww so glad you got out on the ROAD again.....its the best time to drive eh?

  2. I was leaf-peeping a little this afternoon - plenty to see on the island! Also finished assembling my swap package... but I think I'll wait a few days before I send it. Maybe something else will want to leap in.


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