. . .looking like a good swap.  There's still time to sign up if you'd like to participate;  the cutoff is noon tomorrow.

. . .important for those who haven't to send me your name and address so I'll be able to forward it the person chosen to spoil you.  Send it to handeyecrafts*atsign*hotmail*period*com.  Thanks!

. . .been a productive knitting weekend for me.  I finished two baby items for the etsy shop, and made a sale to Sweden from there.  Pretty exciting.

. . .an interesting yarn, and I'm enjoying working with it.
Those are little fish and shell and starfish charms spaced along the yarn.  And it doesn't have that stiff, scratchy feel that every other metallic yarn I've ever used has had.

. . .the night for the new "Walking Dead" season to begin.  Very jittery, and concerned about what we might be about to see.


  1. What cool yarn its already assecessorized

  2. Well, boo, I missed it! I've been out of town w/very spotty internet access. I hope it's a wild success and perhaps I can get in on the next one!


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