It's hard for me to imagine that there are other people out there who loathe running errands as much as I do.  I can rationalize for days.  Usually, it's the cat food, or the cat litter, that runs out, and I can't put it off any longer.  Then, since I have to get dressed anyway, I go ahead and get milk, bread, stamps, gas, whatever.

This morning, it was the lack of cat food that sent me out early.  And when I got back and started knitting,  I decided my goal for the day was going to be finishing the scarf I'm making out of this yarn.  The amount of yarn I had left was enough to think that was reasonable.  And football Saturdays are great knitting opportunities.

What someone failed to explain to me, though, is that this yarn has the ability to regenerate.  I have knit and knit on this thing, and still have yards to go before I sleep.

I'm just about finished with my TIS Swap package, and I'm hearing from others of you that you're close, too.  Remember that the deadline is Novermber 15th.

Wouldn't this little guy be great to receive?
I'm not a fan of putting costumes on animals, but this is SO adorable. . .


  1. Hahaha. Now that I am retired, I don't mind the chores so far!
    I have to finish my swap purchases, then its off to the post office!

  2. I have nearly finished the time-consuming part, but the part that requires an errand (ha!) has to wait until after the election.

    As adorable as that kitten is, I.Do,Not.Want.It. My two cats (12 and 14 lbs) are bullies, and the poor li'l fellah wouldn't stand a chance.


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