Sunday, October 5, 2014


Why is feather and fan, one of the prettiest knitting stitches, and one of the easiest to memorize, inevitably one that trips you up over and over?

Why didn't I watch "Friday Night Lights" when it was on the air?

How are glasses that are clean when I take them off at night, and that stay on the nightstand until morning, smear-y when I put them on?

Am I the only one who is completely helpless with a yarn swift?

Is it possible to have too many knitting bags?

How many books can/should you read at a time?  And not get confused, I mean.

Would you be interested in some sort of swap?

Would/Could you give me some ideas on what kind of swap you'd like?

What would be a really nice handknit wedding gift?  Best friend's daughter is getting married, and I'd like to make her something.


  1. FNL is the bomb diggity!
    As for swaps, maybe an X-mas ornament swap?

  2. I haven't done a swap in ages! I've no particular ideas, but I'd likely be interested.

    I knit some nice sachets as gifts for my daughter's attendants -- they were tiny & quite lovely. I upped the gauge and made a larger one as a birthday gift for my sister. An assorted 1/2 dozen or so might make a nice gift.

  3. I'm with you on winding yarn. The swift and ball winder ought to be great and yet I almost always end up with a mess.

  4. How about a table runner for the wedding gift?

  5. I'll be in on the swap! I need it to be on the reasonable side: 20 dollar limit or so.
    Might be fun to do a white elephant/ gold elephant swap. You include a dud knitting tool or buttons or something you don't want anymore and A wonderful new thing for your partner. ????
    I can only read one book at a time.
    AL knitted Christmas stockings for the new bride and groom in our extended family. Heirlooms and such a unique gift. Do they celebrate Christmas?
    Fireman and I were late to the Friday night light party but we loved it.

  6. F&F: I had the same problem the first time I made the Montego Bay scarf. It's a 2-stitch, 2-row pattern -- and I kept screwing it up. Second time, no problem. Go figger.
    FNL: I'm in the same boat.
    Glasses: Yep. But mine are NEVER clean.
    Swift: Kinda like knitting with 5 dpns. It's inherently awkward.
    Knitting bags: I have too many. Don't ask how many that is, I cannot count that high.
    Books: I can only do 2, one audio and one printed, at a time. YMMV.
    Swap: No, thanks. I don't do well with externally imposed deadlines.
    Wedding gift: Can you knit an afghan in the time available?

  7. F&F : my faborite stitch, I've done it a billionty times, and it messes me up every.single.time

    yarn swift: I'm incapable of getting through even the shortest skein without the yarn being wound around the base, the nearest chair leg, and my neck

    Knitting bags: I have too many. I want more.

    Books: best 2 at a time. In reality, there are times when I have a book in process in every room, and two on the nook.

    Swap: a teeny one, maybe.


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