Victors (But Voting Isn't Over)

The 2014 Knitters' Hunk is

Mike Rowe.
(Whose vote total was more than double that of Ewan McGregor.)

The 2014 Knitters' Chick is

Dame Maggie Smith.
(Who becomes our first two-time champion.)

Two people nominated Mike, so we will be having a tie-breaker to decide who will receive the Grand Prize package.  (The runner-up will get things, too, don't worry.)  Dame Maggie went into the contest automatically, so the Chick Grand Prize will go to the person who nominated Rashida Jones.

Also, since it is Wednesday, there is one last Nominator of the Week winner.  And that honor goes to Melanie.  I'll be in touch. . .

Okay, the tie-breaker.  Lora and Chris G. both nominated Mike.  What I want each of them to do is imagine they are going to knit Mike a hat and matching pair of socks.  What color(s) will you use?  And what will you call it?  ("Michael's Must-Haves"?  "Rows for Rowe"?)

Please send your answers to me via e-mail by Friday morning.  Then, I'll put your answers here (anonymously), and we'll take one more vote.  The one whose set is most popular will get the Grand Prize.


  1. Thank you!

    Can't decide on a color, but how about "warm stuff for a hottie"?

  2. Yea MIKE!!!!!
    Great contest again this year KIM

  3. Your contest is so much fun every year! Thanks for doing it, especially this year when the software was so uncooperative.

  4. Kim is the BEST- this contest is a blast! Thank you, Kim! It is fun that we get to do an extra vote! Nice to see a new Hunk this year! Of course, now that it is over I literally today recalled who I wanted to nominate and forgot about! (I made a word file to remind myself!)


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