Monday, September 22, 2014

State Line

While the contests were going on, my life was lurching along.  There've been 4 changes in my medications over those weeks;  my depression has been spelled with all capitals.

Knitting went on, though.  I've built quite a collection of mini-skeins of yarn, and decided to use some to make a fairly simple cowl.  

For some reason, as I was making it, calling it "Arkansas" popped into my mind.  Anything I'm going to sell on etsy I give a name, and "Arkansas" worked.  The stripes led me to think of "state line."  So, very on-the-spot, and completely unexpectedly, I decided to use the mini-skeins to make a "line" of items, each named after a "state."  So far, I've made "Idaho" handwarmers, a "Washington" scarf, and am working on an "Oklahoma" wrap.

I can't explain it.  Sometimes things just come to you, you know?


  1. Love the scarf... and I'm sorry to hear that your depression is all caps again (still?). I wish there were something I could do to help!

  2. So sorry about the depression. (Meds have taken care of mine for 25 years, thank FSM.) I love your state line names.

  3. I think the med change is making you very creative!!!! Good luck honey. Something will work….keep at it!


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