It Seems Fitting

Chris' "Mike's Dirty Little Knits" won yesterday's vote, and she shall be receiving her prize next week.  So, too, will Lora, whose "My Rowe-mance" drew strong support as well.

The reason Chris winning is fitting is because every year --- every single one since this contest started --- she has nominated Mike.  No one else.  Just him.  She is nothing if not devoted.

A few quick thoughts about this year's contests:
They included, without question, some of the hardest-to-pair-up-photographs nominees ever.  There were people who smiled in most of their photos against people who almost never smiled in theirs.  There were people whose best side was obviously their left versus ones who decidedly favored their right.  There were age/era differences.  (Do you know how many photos there are of Betty White?  And how many of those might actually "match up" with ones of, say, Scarlett Johansson?)

The most difficult was Harper Lee.  (Who, by the way, was the genius nominee I mentioned way back when.)  There seem to be only about half a dozen pictures of her, some in black and white.  That made it hard if the only photos of her competition were all in color.

For the second year, I was very, very surprised that no one nominated Norman Reedus.

For the first year ever, no one nominated Colin Firth.

There were more nominees that I had never heard of than ever before.  

My age is showing. 


  1. Such a fun contest and I am so happy Mike finally won - persistence pays off!

  2. Thank you so, do much for hosting! This was so much fun and I loved looking at the results and the next matchups every day!

  3. Thanks so much for the idea and for seeing it through again this year! Of course very disappointed that the Blogiverse did not agree with the brilliance of my David Tenant nomination (I truly thought he was a shoe-in) but congrats to Mike Rowe!

  4. Thanks for doing this again! And congratulations to the winners, especially Chris. I agree, that just needed to happen!

  5. and it was a fantastic Hunk year again. WE enjoy it so! hate to see it end. Must get Casey Anderson's face and body out there again next year! ! my new crush

  6. I was actually super excited that Mike won because of exactly the reason Kim listed above- Chris is steadfast! And that is a super quality. I really thought that Patrick Stewart was going to take it all home this year- even though I did not think to nominate him. It seems like the Hunk often has a certain buzz about him, and Patrick certainly did with his adorable, inspired, and admirable presence on the web (etc) regarding important social issues. His friendship with Sir Ian is the best- I love it. The nomination of Harper Lee was genius- and I gasped when I saw it and thought she MUST win. I even would have voted against my nominees for her because it was such a great idea. I mean really, how fun would it be to knit with her?! The nominees and the match-ups were really tough for Kim to get photos for- but she really did the best job ever of it so it will be hard to top next year! I cannot wait to see what happens next go around! Long live the Knitter's Hunk and Chick! And all hail Kim!


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