(Some elevators don't show a Floor 13, so as to keep superstitious people calm.  It is for anyone out there who is uncomfortable with that number that today's title is what it is.)

And this, Day #@, brings another tie --- Alex Kingston and Rachel Maddow will be showing up here again soon in an attempt to break it.

From Day Twelve:
Jon Stewart
Helen Mirren
Matt Damon

Winning edges are getting narrower and narrower every day.  And you haven't even seen all of the contestants yet!  But look;  here are some now:

  • Amy Adams
  • Jamie Lee Curtis


  • Sean Bean
  • Ken Watanabe


  • Rachel Bilson
  • Emily Kinney


  • Kit Harington
  • Patrick Stewart


  1. So maybe you've always done this and I'm just picking up on it now (old... feeble...), but I love that you find these apples-to-apples pictures. Love.

  2. I finally voted for a bald man!


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