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The brackets aren't filled out yet, but I can tell you the top seeds for both the Hunk and the Chick contests.  Of course, the first four for each were pre-set --- the others were based on multiple people nominating the same person.

Knitters' Hunk
1.  Ewan McGregor
2.  Liam Neeson
3.  Sam Neill
4.  Alan Rickman
5.  Michael Fassbender
6.  Mike Rowe
7.  Alexander Skarsgard

Knitters' Chick
1.  Isabella Rossellini
2.  Maggie Smith
3.  Jamie Lee Curtis
4.  Meryl Streep
5.  Rashida Jones

One thing has happened this year that has never happened before: someone sent in nominees anonymously.  The more names the merrier, of course, but what if "Anonymous" wins prizes?  Will (s)he reveal him/herself?  Never thought this little contest would ever have an element of intrigue.

Too, someone sent in a positively brilliant nominee.  Every year, someone nominates a person that makes me smack my forehead in a "Why didn't I think of that?" gesture.  This one is that, plus much, much more.


  1. ooh, can't wait to find out who was so brilliant...

  2. Woohoooooo!! Again!!! I can't wait for tomorrow. ;)

  3. Yes yes who was so brilliant??? This is so fun to follow!


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