The first couple of years of the Hunk contest, a friend of mine would create an avatar that could be used as the logo for it.  I have little to no creative ability when it comes to computers, so there hasn't been another.  Today, though, I came across a set of photos that I cannot believe I hadn't thought of before.  So here, then, is a possible candidate for a KH&C emblem.

Do any of you knit Barbie clothes?  When I was little, my mother made my Barbies' entire wardrobes out of her fabric remnants.  She also knit for them, as I still do.  I even get an occasional itch to look through sewing pattern books just to see what's going on.  Perfect for small amounts of material, as sock yarn leftovers are perfect for knitting.

As I type, you have exactly 7 hours to get your nominations in.  Then it's time for me to get to work on the brackets.


  1. I learned to crochet so I could make dresses for my kids' Barbies. I finished a few doilies... but, alas, never a dress!


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