Two Pressing Questions

Those of you who have siblings: did your relationship with one another ever become poisonous?  Was there ever a period where you had absolutely nothing positive to say about each other?  What did your parents do to help you, and to help themselves survive/stay sane?

Have you ever had a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?  How are you supposed to only eat one of them at a time?


  1. No wisdom on the siblings thing. My sisters and I have had our moments, but I guess we've just learned over time that the "fun" of the poisonous behavior isn't worth it. We mostly just roll our eyes at each other. Humor helps.

    RPBCs are like Cheetos. If they are in the house, they all get eaten.

  2. My father was always preaching about sibling love while creating conflict between us. It was odd and dysfunctional. I tried to raise my children as individuals without a forced responsibility for one another.
    THey work it out better if parents stay out of it…i think


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