The Anvil Chorus

Overcast day here, which saw me having to leave the house.  I had put it off as long as I could, and would probably have talked myself out of it again except that a couple of fleas showed up on the dogs.  I had to get some treatments for them.

My depression is so unrelenting, and so deep, it's beginning to manifest as agoraphobia.  Going out means getting cleaned up, and dressed, and that's far too much trouble.  Yet sitting here is toxic.

I've started a "mood scarf."  Each day, I choose a mini-skein in a color that speaks to me.  Not trying for something like "Sadness=grey,"  as the scarf would be nothing but shades of black.

My first idea was making the scarf from a link of chains, but coming up with an acceptable way to make the links eluded me.  So, it's stripes:

Speaking of, here is my Trap scarf, in progress:

That's yarn from Revival here in Athens.
I like how the Trap mirrors the "V"s in their logo.


  1. Hooray the Trap bug has bitten you. Hang on …..
    love your mood blanket idea

    I have a nominee ready for this years game…!!!


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