If There Are Two Things I Loathe

They are shopping for cell phones and computers.  I have to buy something, and the salespeople sense the necessity.  Please just LEAVE ME ALONE.  I am going to leave money here, so just let me decide what the exact amount is going to be.  Surprisingly, I dressed myself and drove myself to this store all by myself;  I can make up my mind about a computer.

It was a pleasure to walk out of Best Buy after telling three (3) floor people I would let them know when/if I needed them and that I could read each machine's features off the display card as well as they could, and then telling the guy at the door that I was getting out as fast as I could because %(^$, *#^!$ and @&*^# (oh, yeah, I used their names) harassed me.

So I have a new computer which needs time to get used to, but I am not at all happy about it.


  1. Oh I don't like buying technology either…but i Love using it

  2. Best Buy salespeople used to brag to the customers that they didn't get commissions, so they had no personal incentive to sell. I guess that had changed...


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