Saturday, June 14, 2014


Before the order for all the dog bone toys came in, I had been on a good reading streak.  Since there was a deadline involved with the toys, everything else got tabled while I worked on them.  This included books.  By the time things had settled back down, my reading vibe was fully absent.  Fortunately, I wasn't very far into the books I had been reading, so putting them back on the shelf wasn't difficult.

You see, there are very, very fews books which I can re-read.  If I had been too deep into those books, putting them away meant I'd likely never pick them back up.  But I was able to re-shelve them, knowing I could come back to them later, and could use my bizarre method of choosing something to read now.  (And, no, I won't divulge The Process.  Complicated and potentially embarrassing.)  My next book is

That being the case, is it bad form to have my daily word be flay?

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  1. Do let me know if its well written. I'll put it on our nurses' list


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