Monday, June 16, 2014


Well, I'm watching the World Cup.  Are you?

My son and I got very involved with it in 2010, including setting alarms for pre-dawn matches.  So it was a given that the matches would be on this year.

I must say, my very favorite part of it all is just before the teams come onto the field (sorry;  the pitch) and the players are shown talking to the children who will hold their hands and lead them out.  The national anthems are fascinating, too.  So many of them sound like defiant marches compared, at least, to ours.

I have run out of yarn for the v-neck top I'd been working on.  So frustrating, especially since I'd had it on the needles so long.  I'm just setting it aside for now, until a cooler head comes 'round --- the immediate impulse is to throw it in the trash.  Maybe there's enough there, though, to use for something else.  Once it gets unravelled.

My word today is grinding.  As in, say, one's teeth.

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  1. I agree, that's my favorite part too. And the ball just sits there til the ref picks it up.


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