Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Word from Our Sponsor

Today's post is brought to you by the word kerfuffle.

Ten Things I Learned From My Father
1.  How to ride a horse.
2.  How to shine a pair of boots.
3.  How to mind your own business.
4.  How to drive.
5.  To love sports.
6.  How to order at a restaurant.
7.  To have a firm handshake.
8.  To appreciate good, close harmonies.
9.  How to keep box scores.
10.  How to whittle.


  1. KERFLUFFLE! After plethora, kerfluffle is my favorite word. It so aptly describes a lot of things that are more than a disagreement but less than an out-and-out battle, most of which were not worth the effort put into them. I witnessed a lot of kerfluffles during my six years on the county board.

    Sit with me now: KERFLUFFLE!

  2. I wore a hat at my wedding too!


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