Well, it would seem that, sometime during my trip, A Contagious Person breathed on me.  I woke up on Sunday with a sore throat, pounding head, aches, and a fever.  All three have gotten gradually worse, and now my chest is aching.  And I am SO tired.

Lots of sleeping and tea-drinking, moving all over turning the air conditioner on/off, putting on/taking off layers of clothes, sitting under/moving away from the ceiling fan as I sweat, freeze, burn up, get chills. . .

I'm just miserable.  

So, here are pictures of pretty colors to distract:


  1. Feel better soon!

    I especially love the crayons taking off their clothes, just like toddlers do!

  2. Great yarn pair!!!
    SO sorry you are sick. Ick. Get well soon.

  3. Curses on whomever breathed on you!

    Those two yarns are gorgeous together; and, what are you knitting?


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