Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday
 Foods That Belong Together*

1.  Cottage cheese and tomatoes.
2.  Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans.
3.  Scrambled eggs and hash browns.
4.  Potato salad and saltine crackers.
5.  Pears and cottage cheese.
6.  Peanut butter and honey.
7.  Spaghetti and chili.
8.  Broccoli and cauliflower (cooked or raw).
9.  Grapes and sharp cheddar.
10.  Cold cut sandwiches and sour cream & onion potato chips (chips ON the sandwich).

*In my opinion, of course.  And leaving out obvious ones like corned beef and cabbage, biscuits and gravy, etc.


  1. I was about to say "thank God she said cottage cheese and tomatoes instead of cottage cheese and pears". Then I kept reading. The rest of your choices are good, though I'm a chili snob, no spaghetti with mine please.

  2. ohhh love broccoli and cauliflower .. Had them steamed last night with dinner.
    Love spaghetti and chili thoughts too!!

  3. Oh, some of these are *almost* familiar/faves... PB & Honey, eh? My mom would make us Butter & Honey sandwiches when there was absolutely nothing else in the house for our lunches. By the time the noon hour came around, the honey would have just started to crystallize along the cut edge of the sandwich... the.best.thing.EVER.


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