Shoulder to the Wheel

The announcement that I alluded to a couple of days ago is this: hand eye crafts is going to be partnering with Big Lick Barkery!

I've been asked to make dog toys to be included in Big Lick's subscription boxes.  When there's a firm date for my shipment, I'll let you know.  For now, I'm knitting "bones."  Lots and lots of "bones."  Nothing but "bones."  And since my tagline is "guaranteed one-of-a-kind" knits, there can't be any duplication of yarn combinations, so the process is slowed quite a bit.

  The 25 balls of cotton yarn I bought are for them;  as of this morning, I've made 36 --- aiming for 100 before I deliver the first box.

Needless to say, I'm very excited about this.  hand eye will be listed as a vendor on the Big Lick website, with links to my etsy shop.  It's potentially a really good sales source, so the monotony of the pattern is easy to endure.

And you can all say you knew me when. . .


  1. Adorable bones! And congratulations on your new endeavor. What a cute idea.

  2. HOw did I miss this post? Im so excited for you


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