Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quickly and Efficiently

"Quickly and efficiently" is something I've said to my children all their lives.  Don't know where it came from., but it is definitely a thing here.

HYSTERICAL!  Hope you saw it.  Son came over to watch with me, and we laughed until there was honest-to-goodness pain.

I've been watching "Eli Stone", after being impressed with Jonny Lee Miller in "Elementary" and "Dexter."

Finished knitting projects on Monday: the fingerless mitts and the Foolproof cowl.  I cannot recommend Foolproof enough --- no casting on, no binding off!  (Technically.)

Found some yarn in my stash that is 50% silk, 50% cashmere.  Indescribably fantastic feel.  It splits easily, but who cares?

I made a baby vest yesterday.  Just couple of hours from start to finish:

Still trying to discover the word to describe how Sunday's finale of "The Walking Dead" left me feeling.  Parts of it brought me great joy, though:

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  1. Oh Oh I must make that baby vest…It sounds like a perfect quick project andI love the look. Thanks!


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