I don't remember exactly when I discovered Sherlock Holmes, but it seems like he's been part of my life forever.  One of the tiny little happy-making things when I would visit my parents was seeing my boxed set of Sherlock books sort of standing out on their bookshelves (they have white spines.)

My husband loved the Basil Rathbone Holmes movies --- it would be impossible to count the number of times he and I watched those.

While my son has never fallen victim, my daughter was bitten by the Holmes bug very early.  She is the one who got all three of us watching the BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch (who I first saw as Hugh Laurie's son in "Fortysomething"*) and Martin Freeman (whom we all love.)
It's also worth noting that Laurie's House was loosely based on Holmes.

Daughter is the one who urged me to watch the newest incarnation of Holmes --- CBS' "Elementary."  I am hooked.  If you've known me for more than 15 minutes, you know that I'm crazy about Lucy Liu.  She plays Dr. Joan Watson.  Holmes is played by Jonny Lee Miller, whom I've come to genuinely appreciate.  If you haven't watched the show, and you like Sherlock Holmes, I highly and sincerely recommend it.  There is a brilliant twist regarding one of the most famous characters in the stories.

And, no, I won't tell you.

Where's the fun in that?

*Also in the cast was Peter Capaldi, the latest Doctor Who.


  1. So fun to read about your LIKES in the world. :) and what your husband liked too

  2. I used to watch Basil Rathbone as Holmes... and love all of the new incarnations, too!


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