Sunday, April 27, 2014

83 and Counting

Bone production proceeds apace.

Sitting almost all day lends itself to watching lots of DVDs and online streaming.  It also lends itself to thinking, which can be, as you no doubt realize, a mixed bag.

For one, I miss reading.  Quite a lot.  Would that there were some way to rig up a bookstand with automatic page turner.  I've been reading the Dalai Lama's autobiography, which is just as interesting, engaging and charming as the man himself.  It's hard not to keep up with a book you're thoroughly enjoying.  Too, Son, Daughter and I had a day-long adventure at Mall of Georgia last week, spending a prodigious amount of time in Barnes & Noble.  We all left with many, many new pages.  Mine are calling to me, especially The Empire Striketh Back.  Because, who can resist Master Yoda in an Elizabethan collar?

While at MoG, we ate at Genghis Grill, where Daughter and Son had one of their remarkable conversations:
Never had a sibling chat myself, of course, but theirs always seem wonderful.

The Hunk and Chick contests have been on my mind, too.  The collection of prizes has already begun.  I'm trying to come up with some twist on the nominating, or voting, or something.  Any input would be much appreciated!

Watching the news coverage of the sunken ferry off South Korea has been heartbreaking, of course.  I honestly think that if one of my children were still lost, I'd ask that (s)he be left alone.  Understanding that the rescue divers don't pick and choose who is recovered, I don't think I'd be able to endure that wait.  Let them rest.


  1. A concurrent -- but equally tragic -- news story that was overshadowed by the Korean ferry was the kidnapping of 200 school girls from a NIgerian school by anti-Western terrorists.

    There is a lot of sadness in the world, much of it of human making. (A lot of joy, too, as you witnessed with Son and Daughter.)

  2. Your grown kids are so good looking!

    Hunk contest…hmmm something new this year……
    could we separate them by age groups?


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