So --- it's supposed to snow here tomorrow.  Which I did not know when I decided yesterday to put off my grocery trip until today.

So, there I was, with all the milk-and-bread grabbers.

Still, I won't lie --- it's quite exciting, thinking about maybe getting to watch it snow.  Evidently, it's going to start in the morning, so I can just sit here and watch it come down.

Working on Iris Schreier's Reverse Chevron Cowl:
(Pattern on the left, mine to the right.)  I bought the yarn on etsy;  the colorway is "Ringmaster."  Daddy was a ringmaster at horse shows for all my life, and most of his.  He was The Ringmaster.  When I saw this yarn, I just had to have it.  And it is working up so nicely.


  1. You know, in places where you don't get snow very often it really is an exciting waiting game! I hope you get some beautiful snow, but that it only lasts just long enough so that its pretty, but not messy :)
    Your cowl is looking lovely!

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  3. Snow-covered landscapes are beautiful. Hope your snowed-in state was peaceful and full of knitting and hot tea, etc.


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