So, I Just

. . . found out that centipedes always have an odd number of legs.

. . .started my first pair of Noro socks ever:

. . .finished the Frankensocks:

. . .love the turban headband I made with Sister yarn given to me by the winner of the Knitters' Hunk contest. Thank you, Camille!

. . . really like that the gray I'm making the Skagit cardigan with has a decidedly purple cast to it:

. . .got sick.  You know how one minute you're fine, and the next you've been smacked in the mouth by a cold or the flu or whatever?  I got sick at 3:23 PM.  Tea to follow.


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  2. How can centipedes have an odd number of legs? How! The mind boggles.

    That moment when the cold virus smacks me upside the head? That's when I grab the bottle of vitamin C and never let it out of my sight. One tab every hour for about 12 hours = virus is defeated. (I know that rigorously conducted double-blind studies have found no evidence that vitamin C has any effect. I also know it works for me. ::sound of raspberry::)

  3. Okay, google to the rescue. Centipedes have an odd number of PAIRS of legs. Whew.

    (Sorry to clog up your comments. I don't know why that first comment posted twice. When I deleted one of them, they both got deleted.)

  4. Love love love the headband!! Gorgeous color and yarn.


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