Have you ever been part of one of Emily's swaps?  If you haven't, you have missed tremendous opportunities.  She comes up with the most remarkable ideas for them.

The latest was called "The Winder of  Our Discontent."  Participants were to send a pattern of something small but warming (gloves, hat, scarf, etc.) and enough yarn to finish it, a warming treat, and a book or movie.  The twist was that one of the things had to be pre-owned.

My box arrived yesterday:
Black tea and sea salt dark chocolate,

a novel,

Hiya stitch markers and what I am calling "Today Show" buttons (half solid, half rainbow-y pattern)

beautiful smooshy (it's name, I promise) cranberry yarn and a mitts pattern.  You know I love me some mitts.

So,  thank you, Marilyn!

And the rest of you, keep an eye out for future Emily swaps.  Heck, just go to her website and/or her etsy store.  Good things in both places!


  1. MY pardner was happy with my gifts to her this week too! I was paired with Colleen and her gifts arrived on a cold day! I sent her an audiobook: Bernadette where are you? and yarn and teas.
    Im looking for my swap to arrive sometime soon too!
    I Love the look of the cranberry yarn!! Enjoy

  2. Hey, Kim, it's me, Marilyn. So glad you liked your swap package. It was just too fun. I was so worried that you wouldn't like it (it's my first swap, ever). My husband and I looked over the loot before I sent it and he said he thought it looked good. Hope it keeps you busy in all this cold, wet stuff. At least you can keep yours hands busy!


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