Life Can Be So Brutal

On my father's side of the family, I have a whole lot of cousins.  (Daddy was one of seven children.)  The youngest of all of us just became a grandmother (!) for the second time, and went to New York with her husband to visit their two granddaughters.

He died in his sleep early Saturday morning.  They were staying in a hotel.  There has to be an autopsy.  Arrangements have to be made to get him back to Tennessee, then for his funeral.  They were married close to 30 years.

Three years ago, their son died suddenly.

How do you cope with these type of things?  I've lost my husband, yes, but we knew it was eventually coming.  To lose a child is truly beyond my comprehension.

And now my Baby Cousin has to bear both those horrible weights.


  1. LIfe i so hard at times…..then it is wonderful when babies are born. I get to see the wonderful side of it more often now at work. I enjoy working in normal newborn as opposed to ISCU all the time.

  2. Kim, I'm sorry to hear for your and your family's loss. Life can be brutal sometimes. Hug your babies extra tight today.


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