Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Loose Ends

I collect Nativity scenes, and, each year, I try to buy a new one.  This year, I came across the most inexpensive one ever, and it is already one of my Absolute Favorites.  Refrigerator magnets!  Love.  It.
(Apologies for the dark photo --- black refrigerator + a very grey, rainy day.)

The one knitting project I had on my needles for Christmas is done save for putting in the sleeves and closing the side seams.  The next "crisis" is whether it will fit. . .

Son is bringing Daughter into town tomorrow morning.  We're gathering to watch the musical episode of "Psych", but while she's here, we'll also decorate the tree.  I've had the lights on it since the day after Son and I bought it, but it hasn't seemed right to decorate it without her.

Our only holiday travel will be to pick her up from Atlanta, then take her back whenever she has to be back for work.  Since she works at a Kohl's, we may only have part of Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day with her, as I assume they'll need her back on the 26th.  Still, she'll be here, and we'll go eat at IHOP, and it will, very suddenly, definitely be Christmas.


  1. Welcome to my world, where you fit in Christmas based on the retail schedule! It was jarring at first, but we have it figured out now. :-)

    OH A REFRIGERATOR MAGNET NATIVITY!!!! I am tres jealous.


  2. I love that you collect creches! How cool. ANd I love that you will all have some Christmas time together. Ours will be scattered over several days…our last year to fight with Fireman's schedule!


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