Some unpleasantness in the last couple of days which, hopefully, the magic of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will erase.

First, I went over to son's apartment last Friday for us to have lunch and play the "Walking Dead" video game.  Stepping in, I saw what was obviously my Christmas present on his coffee table.  He's making me something, and just hadn't thought to put it away before I arrived.  He was just about devastated.  This was the only gift this year, he told me, that he was sure about.  The only one that he'd put lots of time and heart into.

What do you say?  

Second, Daughter, who works at a Kohl's outside of Atlanta, had hoped to switch shifts with someone so that she could have Christmas Eve off.  All but one of our real Christmas traditions are on the 24th, and she wanted so badly for the holiday to be as much like always this year.  She has had a tumultuous and unhappy year.  But she has to work until 7 pm tomorrow night.  Which means that it will be sort of deep into mid-night when we get home with her, and she will, undoubtedly, be exhausted from the last few days.  But we will all be here, and we'll do as much as we can the same way.


  1. Well, those both suck. But if Briton is making you something, and felt so absolutely good about it, then it can only be happiness for both of you when it is "officially" given on Christmas. And even though it's not exactly the same, I hope your Christmas Eve will still be as wonderful as ever. Ours manage to be, and we are pretty much in the same boat every year.

    It's still Christmastime, so it will all be the best.

  2. I have to lower my expectations of EVERYthing and everyone at this time of year. I just watched the picture perfect Holiday family commercial complete with snow, nothing but happy extended family faces, a huge home and perfect music..
    My wise husband laughed and said, "ITS TV! No one has a holiday like that! "


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