Tuesday, November 5, 2013


23.  Sacred
Well.  Having engaged in some liturgical dance at the Altar of Hugh Laurie Sunday night,
(is that right?)

let's think about "sacred."  Oddly enough, "church" or "worship" are not what come to mind when I hear that word.  Rather, I think of quiet.  Stillness.  Sitting with oneself and one's soul, letting your mind and your heart go to important, essential things.

"Sacred," to me, is the relaxed awareness of what is good for me.  Of what calms me.  Of what stirs me, but not to a frenzy.  It is the peace that envelops me when I let everything go, and that keeps me, even when I try to, from thinking.  "Sacred" doesn't go fast, or make you doubt.  It says to you, "See?  You can be still."

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  1. I totally agree with your meaning of sacred.


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