As One Does

 Daughter was in town Thursday, and, as I took her back to her place, she and I had a lengthy discussion about meeting celebrities.  We've both had occasion to meet several, so part of the chat was about whom we thought we could meet "well" --- as in, not look or act like a total fool.  Even though I am 53 years old, there's at least one I doubt I could handle:

Being in the same place as Redford?  Overwhelming.  He's been such a huge presence in my life for so long, and for so many reasons, I know I would fail mightily at keeping my composure.

We also talked a lot (a lot) about how celebrities might smell.  Don't judge.  Cologne, after shave, soap, detergent:  we were very specific and quite adamant about our conclusions.  And, just for the record, we agreed on everybody.

(Also for the record, and along these lines, this fact has come to me just today.  One of my would-love-to-meet-think-I-could-handle-it men does NOT wear after shave):


  1. I'd love to meet that man!!! RR you have always been my heartthrob

  2. So what would Robert smell like?


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