15.  Books
Books have been everywhere all my life. There was a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in one room of the house where I grew up, and in my parents' final home there was a library.  Mama was forever buying books.  I belonged to a through-the-mail book club when I was in elementary school.  When my children were little, I told them I wouldn't always buy them a toy, but I would always buy them a book.

They have always liked reading, except all those times in school when there were reading lists.  Neither of them appreciated being told what to read.  Granted, each of them found some favorite books during those periods, but, overall,  it was not their favorite academic exercise.

This is a tree I painted on one of the hall walls --- as each of us finished a book, we put its title and our initials on a construction paper leaf and put the leaf on the tree.  (Except around the nesting birds, which Hannah added.)  The tree's lain dormant for a while now, but I can't bring myself to take it down.

The tree's wall follows the steps upstairs;  you can see I've run out of conventional bookshelf space:

There is an old entertainment center in the dining room full of books, and the top half of my armoire is full of books.  They are both a little too, shall we say, untidy for photographs, but here is the chest that sits at the foot of my bed.  Yep.  Full of books.

I don't/can't read a book twice.  With two exceptions.  I read Charlotte's Web to both Briton and Hannah, and I had read it a couple of times before.  To Kill A Mockingbird never gets old.

Even my favorite book, Blindness by Jose Saramago, I dare not pick up again.  Besides, it made such an impression on me that I don't need to re-read it to remember it vividly.

The book I just finished, Brain on Fire, was a speed read.  It was so riveting, I got through it in barely over a day.  Before that, I read The Astronaut's Wives Club, which was very interesting.  Right now, I'm reading Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore, and am thoroughly enjoying it.  There's scarcely anything worse than a bad book, is there?

Are you reading anything interesting?


  1. Books! Love 'em. I don't buy them any more, since I worked/volunteered at the local library about 10 years ago. I get everything from our library system. Wisconsin has an AWESOME library system, although its awesome days may be numbered under our present governor and his henchmen. Not buying books has freed up lots of space, except on my TBR pile next to my bed. That is always full.

  2. I'm pretty sure my love of books is entirely due to my mom. Not only did she teach me how to read before I started school, she had a rule that you were exempt from certain chores (can you say weeding?) as long as you were reading a book.

    I'm rereading one of the Outlander books, Voyager. It's sort of a potato chip book, not terrific literature but a good read. I have not read any Saramago, I'll check that one out.

  3. WELL IM reading a book on cat and behaviour. It is very interesting. He thinks when cats pee on your bed if youve gone on vacation , they are trying to leave their scent so you will find your way home. FIreman laughed hysterically at this, but it made sense to me!
    IM glad you love books! I mreading two knit books for patterns/ideas/


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