"I can't wear yellow."

Thank you, Mr. T Robot for your quote and such a nice introduction to today's prompt.

3.  Yellow
Growing up, the paint on my bedroom walls varied among four colors: lavender, pink, yellow and light blue.  (So did my Easter dresses, come to think of it.)  I never particularly cared for the yellow years;  my love affair with purple goes way, way back.

My mother once said that whenever she thought of Briton, she pictured him at the back door of the house I grew up in.  He was waiting for his dad to bring something in from the car, and he was wearing a yellow button-shoulder one piece shorts thing with a train embroidered on the chest.  She said that was always the image that came to her mind.  I was in the kitchen with her, and I remember the moment vividly.  I can see him stretching up a little to open the door for Dale.  He looked good in yellow.

I've never had a lot of yellow in my wardrobe, nor a lot of yellow things.  I don't dislike it, in fact, I find it a sort of calming color.  Yellow falls around you like a soft day.  Too bad we don't see it more often.


  1. What a great post. Isn't it interesting how some images stick with us...and that sometimes color plays an important part.

  2. I do not look good in yellows at all. I can wear gold but not yellow. I love a yellow kitchen So cheerful!


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