Enough of you expressed interest in the Hexipuff Project that calls for the little jewels will be going out post-haste.  If you will talk about the projects on your blogs, it reaches more eyes.  (My blogfeed tends to seriously plummet after Knitter's Hunk/Knitters' Chick are over.)  If there are other ways to spread the word, please take advantage of them, and let me know what they are, so I can go "begging."

What it is: A call for any and all hexipuffs knitters might have about, having given up on or tired from their Beekeepers Quilt experience.  They should all be mailed to me, as I will be putting them together.  (E-mail me at handeyecraftsathotmaildotcom for my address.)  When you send them in, also include the name(s) of charity(ies) you would like to see the proceeds go to.

Several of you were also interested in a swap, so I will be figuring out the details on that and letting you know here as soon as I'm done.

As I added to my previous post, kmkat figured out that the reason I bought the cherub notecards was because the little guy was left-handed.  You should all know that I am obsessed with left-handedness.  If I could change a single thing about myself, I would become left-handed.  In less than a heartbeat.


  1. I have 3 to send you . Getting them out tomorrow!!!


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