One from Column A, Two from Column B, and Then There'll Be a Mystery

Ready for our A, B, C Swap?

The rules are pretty simple.  You will be sent the name of the swapper you will be sending to.  The times for starting and ending the swap will depend upon how many people join.  I'm setting no monetary limits for this swap, but if you like to have a number in mind, I'd say $25 --- all I ask is that you just send nice things.  Your package must contain one gift from each of the following:

COLUMN  A   (Choose one item)
1.  One (or more;  your choice) skein/ball/hank of yarn.  The yarn should be obviously new and unused (band, tag, etc. still attached.)  The yarn can most certainly come from your stash, just please send yarn that would excite you to receive.
2.  Gift card to an online yarn shop.

COLUMN  B (Choose two items)
1,  Stitch markers ( Pretty ones.  Not just rubber or plastic rings.)
2. Tape measure
3.  Small scissors
4.  Instruction/Conversion cards
5.  Lotion
6.  Tea (and/or accessories}
7.  Needle holders
8.  Yarn "bras"
9.  Row counter
10,  Point protectors
11.  Soaps/Soaks/Washes
12.  Pretty buttons
13.  Repair tools
14.  Snacks
15.  Shawl pin/stick
16.  Note pads/Note cards
17.  Cable hooks/needles
18.  DPN holders/storage tubes

When I send you your receiver's name, I will also send a "surprise ingredient" for you to include in your package.  You have to wait to see what that will be.  I promise it won't cost anything.

Let me know if you think of something that would make a good addition to the columns.

Just leave your name in the comment section here if you want to participate.  I'll contact everyone later to get mailing addresses.

Please, please, please spread the news about this swap.  There are only 3 people in line so far, and that won't make for an exciting or a very long swap.



  1. Kim

    I would be thrilled with a gift card or sock yarn, but honestly I'd be disappointed with patterns and no yarn or gift card....Maybe I should sit out??

  2. Hey, I'm in, as long as the deadline for mailing isn't the next two weeks. Sounds like fun!


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