A Saturday

Apparently, some parts of Georgia got snowfall today.  Nothing here.  Completely unfair.

One week out from my acupuncture treatment.  I've had a headache every day (but two) since.  I'm doing as much as I can with the new dietary requirements, but can't, and really don't plan to, switch over wholly.  More fruits and vegetables, not a problem.  All the fermented stuff?  A bit more problematic.  And, as much as I try, I just cannot drink the amount of water she suggested.  I'm drinking more than I used to, but not near as much as I'm "supposed to."  Did you know each person is supposed to drink, in ounces, half their body weight in water every day.  Not that 8-glasses-a-day rule.  That's outdated and uncool.

Some random sentences generated by this artist's book I'm following:
"A stitch is dropped --- the sweater won't be born."
"The fan spins clockwise, moving air around."
"From nose to knees, there's too much me, and
My eyes have darkened taking in the view."
And one poem:
The river to the ocean runs,
The brook becomes the sea.
The pounds stack up until they're tons,
An acorn yields a tree.
How true, some great things start out small
And never dream the day
That growth will overtake them,
And Fate will have his way.


  1. Okay that LION image is GORGEOUS

    I love the poems too.

  2. How is one supposed to drink half their body weight?

    1. ...just saw the part about ounces!

  3. HOw come I can drink tons of water at work??? And not at home? Weird


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