Dear. . .

. . .  Every Bag I Saw at TJMaxx That Would Have Made a Great Knitting Bag: Why were you all $129.99?  I mean, every single one of you.

. . . Little Knits:  Even though I don't have a cool new bag to put any of it in, thank you for all the great yarn in my latest shipment.  I'm already working with the organic wool:

. . . Stitches South, I made my reservation for you today.  My plan for this year is to take myself on a little "vacation" each month.  Stitches fits that bill for April.  AND I get to see some friends!

. . .   Hugh Laurie, I still love you.  This was a wonderful book, and it looks like you've helped make it a wonderful movie.

. . .  Girls who were in Barnes and Noble studying for a French test: the terms are not "bone-a-partay" and "coop duh tatt."  Neither of you, I suspect, has a prayer on the exam.  And I would love to know who asked whom to help her study.


  1. Ooh! Stitches South sounds fun! Enjoy :)

  2. So glad you have some knitting goodness in your week!! I LOVE the orange colored skeins in the box best....but they are all great.
    So glad you are planning a workshop of fun! You deserve it

  3. And it's Paully Voose, right?

    Stitches West is coming up but I think I'm going to skip it again this year. Not until I make a serious dent in my stash am I allowed that close to so much temptation.


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