Saturday, December 29, 2012

In Brief (With Pictures)

New favorite book.  Wish I weren't working on two things already.

A couple more Christmas pictures:
The traditional top-of-the-stairs-before-opening-presents photo.

Hannah wasn't having any luck explaining Christmas to Klunk, so she turned the job over to the big brothers.  (Note Klunk's Fair Isle turtleneck.)


Finn's favorite toy.  He has scarcely let go of it, save for an adventure or two with the "baked potato" on the left.


  1. Love, love, love!

    Some year, you should post a series of the top-of-the-stairs pics over the years. :-)

  2. Psych is the best!!!! I'm on season 5 (I think) but took a break to watch some Always Sunny In Philadelphia. :)

  3. IM so happy to see you having some family FUN!!!! I think you are on the mend, friend.
    THe doggy toy image is soooo cute


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