Let Me Paint You A Picture

The University of Georgia and Athens, Georgia are virtually the same thing.  UGA sits just about in the dead center of Athens, and Sanford Stadium sits just about in the center of UGA.  When there is a football game here, life is insane.  Today is a game day.  Well, game night --- kick-off is 7:45 PM.  There aren't that many roads into Athens, and as fans come in, they are all clogged to within an inch of their pavement.  The closer it gets to game time, the emptier the "out" streets become and the fuller the "in" streets.

Amidst all the Knitters' Hunk and Chick goings-on, I failed to tell you that my son got a significant promotion at his job, and my daughter got re-hired at a restaurant where she worked during high school.  The restaurant has 2 locations: the one she usually works, which is about 3 minutes from our house, and the other, which is downtown.

Downtown borders the UGA campus.  It is full of restaurants and bars and funky shops and bars and pizza places and bars and music venues and bars and sandwich shops and bars.  For today, she was assigned a shift at the downtown location.  From 5 PM to 3 AM.

I just got back from taking her down there, and --- and this is three hours before kickoff --- you cannot move downtown.  It is absolutely crazy.  Tonight's opponent, I should mention, is Vanderbilt.  (ANCHOR DOWN!)  The people we saw tailgating as we drove in had not just begun to party, if you get my drift.  And they've still got hours to go.  And my baby girl is in the middle of all of it.

She's kind of torn, she says, because while she really wants Vandy to win the game, she knows a bunch of drunk, angry Georgia fans probably won't give her very good tips.  Drunk, happy Georgia  fans probably would.  I told her just to keep her head down, but that if any Vandy fans come in, be sure and sneak them the sign:


  1. Hee hee. Very cute post.
    DId I already tell you that .....in the Virginia airport I sat down and the lady in the seat next to me on her cellphone said , "HONEY GUESS WHO JUST WALKED BY ME IN THE AIRPORT>>>ROB LOWE"
    I almost died. I MISSED HIM. GOod thing, I may have knocked him over and embarassed myself.


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