But There's Always Shopping

I do not like to shop.  Even online I'm usually not that caught up in it.  Except for one thing.

Cowboy boots.

Could look at them all day.  I openly gasp at some.  I emit "will-die-a-little-if-these-don't-become-mine" noises often.

Last week, I was down.  Hell, I've been down all year, but last week was particularly vicious and personal.  So I took some of what rather small amount of disposable income I have, and bought myself some boots.  These boots to be specific:

Right away, the photo does them no justice at all.  The leather is buttery soft and the embroidery is impeccable, and, yes, I might have rubbed them against my face.

These boots positively take my breath away.  And they're going with me to Nashville to give me something pretty to look at and contemplate on when everything else threatens to overwhelm me.


  1. Lurve them. And I'm not a big cowboy boot girl (cowgirl boot girl?).

  2. It is a good good sign that you bought them!!!! Hooray.

    I LOVE BOOTS and cowgirl boots rock


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