Press On!

More winners: Tom Hardy (by a single vote which came in the last few minutes the polls were open), Gillian Anderson, Scarlett Johanssen and Christina Hendricks.
More decisions:

Pair Thirty

Pair Thirty-One

Pair Thirty-Two

Pair Thirty-Three

We'll finish the First Round by the middle of next week, then head right into Round Number Two!


  1. Thank you for including the lambie picture.

  2. The little lamb is cute... but doesn't seem to be swaying knitters... um, voters Alexander's way (at this point in the game). ;)

  3. Lamb? There was a lamb? I must have been distracted...

  4. IM so confused, I thought Maura Tierney was Dana Delaney...
    It is such a good thing IM just a voter in this world!


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