Don't know what the Vegas bookies' odds were, but we have made it successfully through our first week of Knitters' Hunk / Knitters' Chick.  The voting turnout has been tremendous --- thanks to all of you who are getting involved.  And there is more yet to come!

In fact, later today, I'm going to sit down and do a little math to see if having 4 pairs a day might significantly speed things up a bit.  There are still 28 first-round pairs between the two competitions, so we're looking at a couple of weeks no matter how we go.  Those of you who've been through all this before, what do you think?  First-timers, what's your opinion?

Let me re-emphasize that as long as someone you nominated is still in the tournament, you are still in the running for the grand prize.  If I'm remembering correctly, there's only one person who's in imminent danger of elimination, so everyone is pretty much on equal footing.

If you've missed a day, or just want to see all this week's winners in one place, here are the past week's victors:
Idris Elba
Liam Neeson
Paul Rudd
Colin Firth
Johnny Depp
Lenny Kravitz
Jeff Daniels
Stephen Colbert
Jon Hamm
Benedict Cumberbatch
Aidan Quinn
Olivia Wilde
Anna Kendrick
Eleanor Roosevelt
There was also one tie which we will sort out next week.

Looks like a good group to me --- how about you?


  1. Do you think that the competition will be over by the end of September? I'll be going away on the 30th for two weeks and I won't have my computer, so my selfish preference is that we do four a day if that will get us to end before I leave lol. Honestly though, what's good for the gander is good for this goose!

    1. I could definitely handle another pair/

  2. Until Matt Bomer gets his due, I will not be happy.


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