Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Fine

For the past couple of Knitters' Hunk contests, my son has been saying I should have an equivalent contest for women.  A "Knitters' Babe," if you will.  So, this year, to keep the harumphing to a minimum, I am going to do just that.

Announcing, in conjunction with our Knitters' Hunk contest, our first annual Knitters' Chick competition.  Basically, the rules are the same for KH --- 3 nominations per person, a tournament-style contest decided by a plurality of votes, and a prize package going to the person who nominated the winner.  For the Chick nominations, think a (famous) woman you'd like to be best knitting friends with, someone who would gladly go on a yarn (not "yard," as I typed on facebook) crawl with you, maybe someone you have a secret girl crush on.

This will be nothing if not interesting!

So spread the word about this little venture, too!  And use today and tomorrow wisely for choosing your absolute tip-top, A-Number-One nominees!


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