No Pain? Not Likely

Hannah and I had our girly spa day yesterday.  A major glitch threatened to spoil it, as we were not given a couples' room as we had asked for, and gone over several times.  I had wanted it to be a true togetherness experience, but. . .

The biggest take-aways are that Hannah loved it.  She was completely blissed out by the whole thing.  And that I have something akin to Frozen Shoulder Syndrome*, except that my trouble is in the meat of the bicep on my right side, and closer to, but not actually in the joint on my left side.  The pain when the masseuse hit that right muscle was almost enough to lift me right off the table.  And today, it is sore, bruised and swollen:
I'm icing and taking naproxen sodium, but the hurt is relentless yet.  There are exercises to do, and another appointment in two weeks.

But the facial was very relaxing!

*My mother had a frozen shoulder at one time --- her doctor had to manually break the joint apart to give her any relief.  Don't think this will require anything that extreme.


  1. ouch!!!! Poor thing. That looks so painful. Does it affect your knitting? SO glad you had a great time nonetheless.

    Well deserved ladies


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